Such soft skills as communication and collaboration are also important for this role. A DevOps engineer is an IT professional who works with both development and operations teams to implement software releases and deployments. Their job is to ensure applications run smoothly and securely so users are happy with the product and continue using it.

In addition, getting this credential signals to employers your commitment to the AWS technology and to delivering secure, compliant systems. DevOps engineers take on a variety of tasks every day, but their main responsibility is to troubleshoot software and hardware so they work together successfully. In cloud-related fields, there are several trending job profiles – Solutions Architect, SysOps Engineer, and DevOps Engineer. There isn’t a step-by-step process on how to become a DevOps engineer, but there are some capabilities and experiences that you should accumulate if you want to. Adding certifications to your DevOps engineer resume while you look for work is a great way to build up your confidence and increase your chances of getting hired. In this article, we’ll look at DevOps engineer salaries in 2023 to see what you can expect from the market before you enter it.

What is the highest pay for Development Operations (DevOps) Engineers?

A software developer in a DevOps team is the person who builds and maintains the software, which could be an application or part of an application. Software developers perform unit tests and deployments, put code into production, and monitor its performance. As part of a DevOps approach, they work side by side with QA to ensure code is released without bugs. Configuration management is the process of ensuring that all instances of a given software application are configured in the same way.

Professionals who need the skills a computer science degree provides include computer systems analysts, computer programmers, artificial intelligence specialists, software engineers, machine learning engineers, and more. Generally, companies look for the most skilled, versatile, and knowledgeable people to work in DevOps. Software Engineers are responsible for developing software applications and often focus on coding, debugging, and software design. While they may work with cloud-based applications, their primary role is creating software, not managing cloud infrastructure. In addition to being a popular country to outsource product development, Ukraine is also rich in skilled DevOps engineers.

Average Total Cash Compensation

Therefore, companies are willing to pay you more with every year of experience you have under your belt. Even when you’ve already landed your dream job as a DevOps Engineer, staying on top of the latest skills, tools, how to become a devops engineer and methods will be a big help when it’s time for your next bonus or raise. While your future role may only require a few of these skills, the more you learn now, the more versatile you’ll be as a DevOps Engineer.

Be prepared to discuss your salary expectations with recruiters and hiring managers by drawing upon the latest salary data and the value you can bring to a company. Once you have the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional credential, begin your job search. Scour job listings on a variety of career sites to get a sense of who’s hiring, current salaries, qualifications you’ll need, and the responsibilities you’ll take on. At any point along your DevOps Engineer career path, it’s a good idea to reflect on your goals and clarify what it is you want to accomplish. For example, your goals may be to find an advanced role in DevOps, master cloud technologies like AWS, or remain on the cutting edge of this field.

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